5 People Who Live a Strange Life

    People Who Live a Strange Life

    Hello followers MT Time,  everyone is crazy in their own way? It's exhausting to argue therewith, as a result of everyone seems to be liberal to have hobbies, even weird ones, as long as they are doing not interfere with alternative people's freedom. Some on the QT transforms into their friend, others live a humble life et al. flip their homes into sets for animated movies. Today we are going to tell you concerning folks whose style is way from "normal". However, they seem to be more than happy.

    Tom Peters Dog man

    5 People Who Live a Strange Life

    tom peters this 32 year old guy works as a theatre technician but his passion is not limited by his workplace tom has an unusual alter ego named spots and he's a big dalmatian dog to transform into an animal tom even made himself a special costume which literally becomes his second skin in addition he sleeps in a spacious dog kennel walks around the house and all fours carrie's dog toys and eats dog treats from a bowl according to tom this hoby helps him escape from everyday problems like any other normal hobby he doesn't understand why adults are allowed to have fun if they all like to dress up in animals and mythical characters.
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    Elizabeth sweetheart green

    People Who Live a Strange Life

    the colored green is generally considered to represent growth development and harmony it brings pleasing associations in our minds and helps us to calm down is also associated with safety take the traffic lights for example that use this color to indicate when it's safe to cross the road well seems that this nice woman from brooklyn couldn't be more calm and in more harmony she lives just like edith piaf puts on green instead of on rose according to Elizabeth it's all started about twenty years ago when her father took her to Florida for the first time as an artist she was so inspired by the local landscape and the trip itself that she began to add more and more green shades to her life but it's not only her look in addition to green hair green nials and a completely green wardrobe elizabeth has turned her own house into a bright green refuge look at this every detail of a home is carefully selected it looks like botanical garden in bloom people in new york call elizabeth the gree, lady and always ask her for selfies as you never refuses because that main goal is to bring the positive energy not only to our own life but to the lives of others.

    Mick Dodge

    Mick Dodge have you ever heard of downshifting recently it's been gaining popularity all around the world people who are tired of the forensic rhythm of big cities and the invasion of smartphones are called down shifters as a rule they travel somewhere far away from cities to the countryside or some secluded place to start a new life their idea is to abandon the usual advantages of modern civilization and values be it financial well-being career advancement or access to technology we've got in the water a Brooklyn Mick Dodge lived like this before it was even mainstream he is 67 years old now and he spent 30 of them in a rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington make practices sports make soups from roots brushes his teeth with a pine cone and walks around barefoot that's why people started calling him barefoot sensei according to Mick this helped him to get rid of his chronic diseases our feet have as many as 200,000 nerve endings he says that's why walking barefoot in the woods makes him feel a lot closer to nature of course the man is not completely isolated himself from society sometimes it communicates with the residents of the nearby villages for example to sell what he discovered in the forest and buy himself some food for example make offers the locals Jam from fresh forest berries then I feel good yeah that's good that's good right actually Mik is kind of a professional chef now he can make a soup for wild mushrooms roots and ordinary River stones thanks to the stones the soup is saturated with important minerals Nick also knows how to bake bread he uses techniques used in America during the Civil War.
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    Mauro Morandi

    here's another amazing back-to-nature story back in 1989 when the Italian Mau Roma Randy was fifty years old he decided to leave everything and go to Polynesia to find an island live in solitude unfortunately or fortunately his journey was over before it even started his boat engine broke down and the adventurer had to dock near the desert island of Buda Lina's Sardinia this is how my role earned that the island keeper was going to retire in the next few days and took it as a sign from the universe this italian robinson crusoe decided to take up this job and has remained known to this day despite the fact that his life is isolated from civilization he still set up some amenities for example he installed solar panels to generate electricity of course in a sense Mero still depends on the life of the surrounding villages every few days he goes to the mainland to buy food which he then stores in a refrigerator report recently one day Mero couldn't get off the island for 10 days because of a severe storm at that moment he said he had almost accepted his destiny to starve to death but fortunately it all worked out in the end Mero claims that he had never had a cold in his thirty years on the island thanks to the miraculous power of nature also at some point he decided that it was selfish to enjoy the beauty of the island by himself so the 80 year old Robinson decided to take advantage of the islands tourist Wi-Fi hotspots Mero set up accounts on social media and now post pictures of his land and communicates with his followers.
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    warrick mitchell

    everyone who's ever watched Lord of the Rings must have noticed the breathtaking views director Peter Jackson found these landscapes in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park it can only be reached by boat or private jet as the nearest road is a 4-day walk away more Rick Mitchell sacrificed his life in the city and the benefits of modern civilization to see the beauty of nature here every day together with several other enthusiasts he lives in the park with minimal amenities rain water solar energy and a refrigerator the locals fill the refrigerator with fresh fish and seafood caught right on the coast although as a rule such products do not last long there Billy bar gothic Colorado is one of the coldest places in the United States it's also called a ghost town because since the 1920s when the last silver reserves ran out no one has lived there except for
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