10 Ways to Escape the Nasty Cooking Mishaps That Ruin Your Day

10 Ways to Escape the Nasty Cooking Mishaps That Ruin Your Day
    Life is full of annoying little incidents that always wait around the corner, and the kitchen is no exception. From noodles to boiling, to burning fried eggs, to cutting fingers - can spoil cooking disasters anyone's day in just a few seconds. Fortunately, culinary art is not difficult to control.

    Here at MT TIME, we were happy to find these simple breakthroughs that will make you feel like a gourmet restaurant chef in your own kitchen, and we can not wait to learn them either.

    1. If you do not have a steam cooker, just use a pot, strainer, and two wooden spoons. This breakthrough will save you a lot of time when you need to cook pasta and vegetables: now you can cook everything once!

    2. Use the Bundt pan when cutting the corn on the bread to capture all the kernel and keep the integrity of your fingers.

    3. Use a spoon to peel the boiled eggs in a completely clean way.

    4. Place a cube of ice in the frying pan when frying the eggs. The melting ice will immediately make the steam that will help cook the eggs in seconds.

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    5. If you leave the tomato paste in a jar, it will dry out and it will become fast. Freeze it in an ice cube tray instead and add the amount you need when cooking.

    6. Breaking the ice cube is also ideal for preserving the remaining egg yolk after cooking meringue and other sweets using egg whites only.
    7. Place a wooden spoon on the pan, as shown in the picture below, to prevent boiling of noodles.
    8. If you want to cook pasta with broccoli, boil pasta and cauliflower in the same water. By doing this, you will prevent pasta from boiling and cook both products at the same time.

    9. Roll paper pans to make cleaning faster and easier.
    10. If you do not have wonderful kitchen utensils, separate the eggs with your hands. In this case, you will be sure that the egg yolk is not broken and does not enter any pieces of eggshell into the container.

    Which of these hacks would you like to try out right now? Do you have any other cooking tips to share?

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