10 True Geniuses Who Deserve to Be Elon Musk’s Advisors

10 True Geniuses Who Deserve to Be Elon Musk’s Advisors

    Elon Musk and his team are not the only ones who can create something unbelievably wonderful. Some people who live among us have a future approach to life as well. Whether it's because of laziness or the desire to save money, their solutions have made our cocoons hit the ground.

    MT TIME encourages any unusual thinking and looks forward to sharing 10 solutions with you through the characters of our article. Spoiler: Perpetuum Mobile already exists.

    1. "Find the use of holes in my crocodiles!"

    2. When you think the fish needs to walk too:

    3. When you are not a mother, but you need to feed the child:

    4. Adjustable phone holder and tablet pc

    5. When your parents want you to ride a bike but you feel too lazy to do it:

    6. When you’re tired of the AirPods dropping out of your ears:

    7. When you want them to mix:

    8. This is how the news is made now.

    9. Laziness is the mother of progress.

    10. This guy knows everything about balance.

    Which of these hacks did you find most useful? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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