Bangladeshi man's stare goes viral

Bangladeshi man's stare goes viral
    Bangladeshi man's stare goes viral
    Star Online, Petaling Jaya
    A photo of a Bangladeshi construction worker in Malaysia has captured users of social media around the world.

    The picture shows the construction worker with silver eyes with a carved appearance staring intently at the camera.

    The image that got the virus has received 24,500 admissions and 68,700 impressions since it was published by AbedenMung on Twitter last Thursday (March 21).

    AbedenMung said in his tweet that the photo was taken at the MRT construction site near Jalan Ipoh.

    "At first, I met him when I was writing a video blog. (I) I did not have the opportunity to take pictures because I was shooting but today, this morning, there was again.

    "So, I pulled the Pixel 2 XL quickly instead of my other phone, iPhone XS Max because I was using text messages on this phone," he said.

    "I knew it would be a good shot," he said. "The place was very bright.

    "He was very shy, he did not really know where to look at him, maybe because it was a phone, I pointed to the camera several times, there were not many shots, it was just looking at the camera. I tweaked.

    Many Twitter users were in awe of the appearance of the sculpted man.

    Drewiah said the picture was mentioned in the 1984 National Geographic Cover of Joula, which was filmed by journalist Steve McCurry.

    She was drinking well known as the Afghan girl with stunning green eyes wearing the red veil that looks at the camera.

    At the same time, other Twitter users were impressed with the quality of the Google Pixel 2 XL image.

    "I'm giving up on iPhone 6s and I get the next Google Pixel lol."

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