Make a No-Sew Play Mat From a Drop Cloth

Make a No-Sew Play Mat From a Drop Cloth
    The inexpensive fabric is the basis for this interesting rug and is used to create the city. Creating your baby can be an ideal world for hours of play.

    Hot glue gun and glue sticks
    (1) cotton cloth 5 "x 5" (optional: backed plastic version works wonderfully)
    (1) Square cloth blackboard or felt black
    1/3 yards of blue hair
    I felt a colorful craft

    Provide a simple and affordable DIY play mat and a special and fun gift for the youngsters in your life. Because it is made of cotton cloth, the play mat can be folded or folded easily for easy storage.

    Step 1

    Cut the Roads
    Cut strips of chalk cloth for roads and or train tracks. For a two-track or highway road, cut the strips at least 3-1 / 2 inches wide. For smaller roads, cut strips at least 1/4/4 width. Also, cut some curved pieces. The easiest way to do this is to trace the curved pieces of the train game track.If you want to create a car position, cut a large rectangle or square.

    Step 2

    Glue roads
    Use hot glue to commit cutting the way to mat. Cut and align road bars until you create a fun pattern around a mat.

    Step 3

    Building of houses
    Use the space between the methods as a guide to create city items. Houses can be created using a large rectangle, a triangle roof, a small rectangle for the door, and a window box. Use hot glue to assemble them. Repeat with different colors to create as many houses as you want.

    Step 4

    High-rise building
    For city buildings, just cut high-fissures and add windows and doors.

    Step 5

    Planting trees
    Trees can be created by cutting their trunks of brown hair and leaves of green hair. The simplest tree is just a green triangle.

    Step 6

    Make mountains
    The mountains can be made by cutting the gray triangular triangles with white triangles.

    Step 7

    Create a playground
    A playground can be created by cutting shapes for a slide, swinging and sandbox.

    Step 8

    Add more items
    You may have room for more design elements. We have built a crane for construction in the city and a football stadium next to the park. A large piece of blue felds can be cut to create an ocean or lake.

    Step 9

    Commitment to infrastructure
    Put all your items on the play mat and use hot glue to attach them with a projection cloth.

    Step 10

    Draw the center lines
    Use chalk to draw lines on the roads or turn them into a train track.

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