After sideswiping 4 Ferraris this guy could only pray for a miracle

    A poor Taiwanese man named Lin was on his way home to his mother. The woman got sick and asked her son to bring her some medicines. Lynne grew up from his mother after the death of his father. The woman did everything in her power to help her son go to college and get a certificate. So they started their small business - small shop. But last year's serious health problems made the mother retire and had to govern the shop himself.

    Lin is not needed to continue studying, so he has just left the college to take care of his mother and earn more money than he did with his previous part-time jobs. The family business was not so good, Lynn took another job to cover their expenses. Where they still have to pay a fortune for medical treatment for his mother.

    The night that all this happened - Lin was on his way to the mother's house. He had just finished a night shift in a restaurant. The night shifts are the only way out for a very tight schedule. At 3:00 on Sunday, he returned home and found that his mother was feeling bad again. He decided to help her hand over an order to a nearby temple in time for a ceremony and pick up some medicine.

    A smooth command made him fall asleep. Lin woke up after a hard blow and realized he was in big trouble. There were four wealthy children who were terrified by the side road and were standing near their luxury cars in Ferrari when they saw a lane car collide with their cars. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The men managed to escape and stood there watching their cars smashed.

    Police officers confirmed, Lin was sober, but only very tired, so he just cheated. Lin realized that things were a big deal for him:

    "I have thought:" No, I have fallen into a big mess. "I was very worried about making trouble for my mother and having to pay a lot of money ... I wanted to help her, but it made things worse", - told the BBC.

    Local media contacted luxury car dealers and repair shops to calculate that the repair bill would be $ 12 million in Taiwan. It is nearly $ 500,000! The poor had to work for 28 years without buying anything to pay for repairs.

    Suddenly something huge happened: thousands of people started calling the local police department claiming they wanted help. Donors donated money so Lynn could pay all fees without any risk on the family budget.

    Along with that, once the story was released, the college issued a declaration that she was waiting for Lin's return and finishing the study. The Internet community will donate enough money to pay for damaged cars and get a certificate as soon as possible.

    Although they have not raised enough money yet - Lynn is grateful to everyone who sent a payment:

    "I am really grateful to anyone who has offered help and has come here to encourage me. Some people even went from central Taiwan and asked where they could donate money. Some have spent a long time searching our store, others are not in good shape, but they still make money," he said. 

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