Things are better now: Fairy is at home already

Things are better now: Fairy is at home already
    Fortunately we had time on time and our vet was on top. Yesterday and today Fairy received all the necessary injections and droopers her body was partially cleansed of The poison and already with my help I brought her home.

    It was requisite to see how happy she was when I came to the clinic to pick her up. I have never seen a cat show so much emotion before! She hummed demanded that I take her in my arms and pet her.

    The veterinary said that Fairy required her attention all the time as soon as she felt better. She even put her paw out and tried to catch her. And she rumbled all the time.

    I must also say that Fairy has shown herself to be a very courageous cat. Vitamin B6 injections are very painful! But she bravely withstood them all. She did not try to scratch or bite us.

    The poison has negatively affected her liver, so for some time, she will need a special diet. But now I can say that everything ended much better than it could be.

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