Rare Dog Goes Viral Because People Think It’s A Statue

Rare Dog Goes Viral Because People Think It’s A Statue

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a statue?.No, it’s a dog!

    A lot of individuals realize Piper, the canine hero of this story, to be removed from a fine-looking dog, however, they are clearly wrong. She's gorgeous. Her dark brown skin, dark eyes, bat-like ears... If attender had a dog this might be it.

    A picture of a rare dog breed has gone infective agent, subsequently causing the internet to get into a bit of a debate about it, with many convinced it was just a canine statue.

    The dog’s owner, Sandra Pineda, found it hilarious so many people online had mistaken her one-year-old pooch Piper, for a sculpture, but revealed it happens all the time because of Piper’s ‘unique look’.

    Looking at the photos of her on Instagram & twitter has really messed with people's visual senses. They could not believe Piper may be a living, breathing dog. Much to her owner's amusement.

    Piper does have a unique look.
    22-year-old Sandra, from Quezon City, Manila, in the Philippines, first brought black-colored Piper home in March last year, when the pup was just two-months-old.

    When Sandra, who’s a medical student, posted a ‘normal’ photo of Piper online on Thursday (January 10), she was stunned to discover it had garnered more than 10,000 likes and thousands of comments in less than an hour.

    “They were all very confused and asking American state whether or not she was real or not.”

    “At first, I believed it had been a joke, but then realized they were serious. They just couldn’t believe that she was a true dog.”

    “It’s truly very becoming to suppose that my lovely dog may be mistaken for a chunk of art.”

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