Actor Terry Crews says the National Enquirer's publisher tried to 'silence' him with fake stories as Jeff Bezos accuses the tabloid of blackmail

Actor Terry Crews says the National Enquirer's publisher tried to 'silence' him with fake stories as Jeff Bezos accuses the tabloid of blackmail
    • Terry Crews has defendant yank Media INC, publisher of the National verbalizer, of constructing up a false story to "silence" him.
    • Crews same measuring system online, that is in hand by AMI, tried to run a faux story concerning him shopping for prostitutes once he went public in accusative an agent of sexual abuse.
    • He revealed associate degree alleged email from measuring system on-line back in 2017, and same the publication failed to run the story as a result of it had been faux and he had publically exposed them.
    • Crews resurfaced his allegations against AMI once Jeff Bezos defendant the publisher of blackmail and same it had been threatening to leak naked photos of him. 
    • AMI same it had been "acting lawfully" however would investigate Bezos' claims.
    Actor Terry Crews same the National Enquirer's publisher, yank Media INC, tried to "silence" him with faux stories as Jeff Bezos publically accuses the publisher of attempting to blackmail him.

    Crews same on Twitter that AMI tried to silence him as he tried to sue a Hollywood agent United Nations agency he claimed groped him and therefore the agency's talent agency "by fabricating stories of Maine with prostitutes."

    Crews defendant Adam Venit of hesitant him at associate degree business party in 2016, and filed a police report with the l.  a.   local department. Crews told the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2018: "The assault lasted solely minutes, however, what he was effectively telling Maine whereas the command my privates in his hand was that he commands the facility. That he was au fait."

    Crews same on a weekday that AMI tried to silence him which they "even went to date as making faux receipts" however that he "called their bluff by emotional their threats online."

    Crews initial created the allegations against the corporation in 2017, once he shared associate degree email that he same was from measuring system online, that is in hand by AMI. The same that the day once he spoke concerning his allegations the publication emailed him a few stories concerning him hiring 2 prostitutes in Monte Carlo in 2015. 

    "It ne'er went a pair of the press as a result of it had been a lie," Crews then same. "This wasn't a coincidence. I told u they were returning four Maine. I conjointly told you I'm prepared."

    This was Crews' tweet in 2017:

    Crews shared the allegations once more on a weekday once Jeff Bezos, the founding father of Amazon and therefore the owner of The Washington Post, defendant AMI of "extortion" and same it had been threatening to leak naked photos of him unless he stopped his investigation into however the photos leaked to the National verbalizer.

    Terry CrewsTerry Crews attends Esquire's Annual Mavericks of Hollywood in Los AngelesGetty
    In a weblog post on Medium, Bezos said: "Rather than give up to extortion and blackmail, I've set to publish specifically what they sent Maine, despite the private value and embarrassment they threaten."

    And reporters together with Ronan Farrow have since moved to mention that AMI had vulnerable them to prevent reportage on the company's relationship with President Donald Trump. Farrow tweeted that he and a minimum of one alternative journalist "fielded similar 'stop dig or we'll ruin you' blackmail efforts from AMI."

    AMI same its board would investigate the claims created by Bezos, however same it had "acted lawfully."

    "American Media believes fervidly that it acted lawfully within the reportage of the story of Mr. Bezos," AMI same in an exceeding statement on a weekday morning.

    "Further, at the time of the recent allegations created by Mr. Bezos, it had been in honesty negotiations to resolve all matters with him. all the same, in lightweight of the character of the allegations revealed by Mr. Bezos, the Board has convened and determined that it ought to promptly and completely investigate the claims. Upon completion of that investigation, the Board can take no matter acceptable action is important."

    AMI and representatives for Terry Crews couldn't at once be reached for comment.

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