Viral video highlights need for proper child car safety seat installation

Viral video highlights need for proper child car safety seat installation

    He immediately stops, gets out of the car; his arms flailing making sure no one hits the child. It’s an unbelievable heart-stopping moment. The video was posted on Facebook and viewed thousands of times.

    Heather Watson is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor since with Safe Kids Clark County.

    "That was my first impression too... is wow!” said Watson after seeing the video. “How could this have happened? It boggles the mind.”

    But for far too many parents installing a child seat properly is similarly mind boggling. Watson said the misuse rate for car seats is as high as 95%.

    "We see people who don't use the latch correctly. Or they are installing their car seats too loose, “ Watson said. “Or they are using the latch and the seat belt at the same time."

    Watson demonstrated how to properly install a car seat for 13 Action News. It took her less than 15 minutes. She said installing a seat properly greatly reduces a child's chances of head injury.

    “When they are in a crash, it's life or death,” she said.

    She said there is one sure way to know if you've done it wrong.

    "Just give it a tug on the belt pad where the seat belt or the latch belt goes through,” she said. “If it moves more than an inch you know right away that it's installed incorrectly.”

    Here are some places to go if you think you need help
    Many AAA locations will inspect your car seat for free. Nevada Highway Patrol along with Safe Kids
    Clark County often hosts car seat inspection events throughout the year .
    Here’s a link to their website.

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