Photographer Takes Wedding Photos of Couples With Their Cats

Photographer Takes Wedding Photos of Couples With Their Cats

    Italian creative person Marianna Zampieri may be a self-described "Catographer." Her passion? Taking beautiful wedding photos of brides and grooms with their four-legged feline friends to commemorate obtaining married. 

    Looking back, I would like my wedding lensman had taken photos of ME with my cats. Not simply because it'd are implausibly cute, however conjointly to recollect them forever, within the context of that special occasion.

    Zampieri is aware of however special the bond between owner and cat may be, that is why she takes beyond regular time to induce such lovely, intimate photos of the couples with their fur babies.

    "I'm not knowledgeable lensman, rather I actually have recently discovered a passion for photography," says Zampieri

    “It all started after I adopted my cat Arthur in 2012, and that i needed to search out an efficient thanks to share what I see in him therefore what higher means than through the photographs?

    Arthur is and still remains my favorite model, however I conjointly prefer to photograph street cats or colony cats; I actually have a real adoration for them, so proud, elegant, savage, I perpetually inspect them with an equivalent admiration. In fact, I conjointly manage a Facebook page dedicated to adoptions and food assortment for the colonies of my space.”

    "After some of years, i made a decision to try and do one thing different: therefore i assumed of a replacement project and "Passions" was born."

    “Through the photos of this project I attempt to capture with a snap the special bond that's created between the cat and also the person with whom he lives whereas they share moments of enjoyment, engaged in activities that represent what the person loves most to try and do, his passion exactly. they're easy shots purloined from daily life.”

    "Each chapter includes a completely different theme and isn't perpetually simple to make; cats square measure terribly unpredictable and this is often the foremost tough a part of the project."

    “They do what wish|they need|they require} once they want, I will ne'er predict what's going to pop out of it, I merely watch as a spectator and document what happens. In fact, i am going to my ‘models’ home, simply because they will feel as comfy as attainable.”

    "The essential feature of my photos is naturalness."

    “I don't just like the move photos wherever the cat is forced or forced into his arms; i prefer to form a setting with objects that recall the fervour of every chapter however the cat should be happy to try and do – or to not do! – what pleases him at that moment.”

    "So each exposure shooting is in itself..."

    “There aren't any rules; typically in an exceedingly short time I will get what I fanciful, typically not, typically it takes a touch longer to come back out of one thing sensible, however cats square measure perpetually dictating times and ways in which.”

    "But after I reach my goal, it's extremely associate emotion: assist and be ready to capture with a photograph the link between cat and human perpetually leaves ME breathless."

    We couldn’t agree more!

    Look at this beautiful bride together with her sweet fur baby.

    What a touch chin!

    I can't live through the swagger of this freelance outside cat!

    He is aware of it’s his moment to shine.

    This one is simply crammed to the brim with sweetness.

    Their silhouettes nearly build a heart shape!

    Just inspect this happy couple and their blue blood.

    This is a photograph the couples can care for forever. Or ought to I say… fur-ever?

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