Katelyn Ohashi Earns Internet Shout Outs With Floor Routine

Katelyn Ohashi Earns Internet Shout Outs With Floor Routine

    The Joy of This Gymnast's Floor Routine Is Reverberating Across the Internet. Here's What to Know

    If youre a gifted athlete vaulting extraordinarily high within the air in your immaculate floor routine , and your spinits.

    So once UCLA shared a video of NCAA champion athlete Katelyn Ohashi handily earning an ideal ten score together with her athlete routine to singer composition at Saturday’s beneath Armor’s 2019 collegial Challenge, she got a full ton of praise from some pretty high-profile individuals via Twitter.

    In the clip, UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi created protrusive a unflawed landing once nailing 3 backflips and landing into a split seem like pure fun, and also the crowd lapped it up. She did it all with ungoverned joy and a million-watt smile to the tune of songs like Jackson’s “I need You Back,” and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.”

    That ability has lead the video to garner over fifteen million views of weekday morning, additional views than la has individuals.

     You’ll want to orient yourself with her athletic career.

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