The mysterious caller

The mysterious caller

    Dorothy Jane Scott is a single mother who lives with her four-year-old son in California. She works as a secretary in a business group and was described by friends as peaceful, religiously committed, loving home, and not drug or alcohol. She lived a normal and quiet life until she began to receive mysterious and strange calls from a man !. The unknown man sometimes tells her that he loves her and is hated by her, and sometimes threatens them with kidnapping and murder. But what is most frightening is that the person started to tell her about special things, as if he lived with her and knew all her actions and details of her life. What she was wearing! In another call he said he had put a gift in front of her house. Dorothy ran out and found a wadded flower on the glass of her car.

    Dorothy told her mother that the sound was not strange to her, and she was sure she had heard it before, but she could not remember where, when and who was her companion.

    As the days went by, the phone calls became more frightening. One time the mysterious caller told her that he would kill her and divide her body into pieces so that no one could find her. Here the real terror began to blow in Dorothy's heart. She began to feel the danger of her life from that obsessed person Dorthe decided to receive some lessons in karate and self-defense in anticipation of any possible attack from that person. She also risked acquiring a gun to defend herself, but she changed the idea for fear that her little boy, Sean By harming himself by mistake.

    Image of Dorothy with her son

    One day, specifically May 28, 1980, Dorothy was at her workplace when a colleague was introduced to a poisonous spider pin. Dorothy decided to take him to the emergency room immediately, accompanied by another colleague. On the way, Dorothy stopped at her parents' house to reassure her son, Sean, who was staying with them, and replaced her black scarf with the last red one.

    After arriving at the hospital, the doctors treated the injured colleague with the necessary treatment, and he was taken to ensure the stability of his condition. All this and Dorthe and the other colleague are committed to him. Finally, at 11 pm, doctors allowed the wounded man to leave the hospital. As they were leaving, Dorothy asked her colleague to wait a while until her car, which was in the hospital's position, was banned.

    The two colleagues waited at the exit door for a few minutes, and suddenly a Dorothy appeared to them and was heading towards them. In fact, they could not see who was driving because the front lights were burning, making the driver's vision impossible, but she was amazed by the crazy speed of the car. They then went away! .. Which caused the two men surprised and make them confused about them .. What happened, you see? .. Perhaps an emergency happened to her son, which called to go Dorthi quickly? .. That's what they said to each other ..

    The car started at a crazy speed and did not stop

    When the two returned home, they contacted Dorothy to check on her, but Dorothy did not come home, which surprised them and made her family feel very worried and told the police.

    After hours of searching, they finally found the car .. Here was the surprise and puzzling mystery .. Where the police found the car a mile away and was burned and the fire burning and there is no trace of Dorithi! Also there are no signs that the car has been hit! Since the police did not find her body in the car, everyone had some hopes that Dorothy was still alive.

    Continued mysterious calls

    A week after the incident, Dorothy's mother, Vera, received a phone call from an unknown man, who was asking her, "Are you close to Dorothy?" She answers him with a yes and replies with only one sentence: "I got it" and then the line is closed!
    This caller continued the same way every Wednesday for four years, and the calls were received when Fira was alone at home.
    On June 12, 1980, a local newspaper published a news story about Dorothy's disappearance. On the same day, an unknown man called the newspaper and told them that he had killed Dorothy. "I killed her. She killed Dorothy Scott. She was the love of my life, but I caught her betraying me with another man. "He said. To confirm his words, the unidentified man told the newspaper details of the night Dorothy disappeared when she took her colleague for treatment and when she changed her scarf and told them about the clothes she was wearing that night as if he were watching all her movements. The caller also claimed that Dorothy had a phone call from the hospital That night, Dorothy's colleagues who were with her were denied and said they were with her all the time and did not make any phone calls.

    No one knows what happened to Dorothy actually .. But known that she left leaving behind orphan child

    Of course, someone might say, "Where are the police from all these calls?" .. Why is not tracked? ..
    In fact, the police watched Dorothy's phone and her family around the clock and recorded all the calls, but the problem was that the killer did not lengthen speech and close the line quickly, making the task of tracing the communication impossible.

    On August 6, 1984, a construction worker accidentally discovered, a few meters from the Santa Ana Canyon road, human bones as well as the bones of a dog. The bones were charred, and the police speculated that they had been in the same place for two years, where the forest fires of 1982 were swept away. The orthodontics were identified and returned to Dorothy through the dental records. Dorothy's parents also knew of her broken watch near the bones, whose hands were pointing to the second and a half after midnight, that Dorothy was killed about an hour after her disappearance from the hospital. The cause of the death is determined. The murderer remains unknown and has never been identified or arrested.

    What do you think of this incident dear reader? .. Do you think that there are really obsessed people to monitor the people and their pursuers and Harabhm, and you have received


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