The latest fashion for Winter 2019

The latest fashion for Winter 2019

    Winter clothes are a good part of our concerns - especially for females - and because for every different fashion period we will list the most important fashion lines for women's winter clothes.

    Oil shop

    This is the most common color of the season. It is very beautiful and elegant, and it is loved by many girls and is consistent with many other colors.
    The picture is short. You can wear a white shirt under it, dark jeans or "jebber". If you are veiled, you can wear a heavy oil veil or many wooded colors.

    Long black jacket with fur

    Black is the king of colors and can not disappear this color of fashion, is the symbol of elegance and beauty especially in winter clothes.
    This model of jacket is different, you can use it in more than one way, such as wearing it open and under any color and can be worn in any color, and it can be worn closed, it helps to heat very much in the cold winter.
    A women's crossover bag can be worn on this jacket and can be worn on jeans. If you are veiled, you can wear a veil of any color.
    This black jacket model is preferred by veiled women who do not wear it for long, but there are also black short sleeves for girls who prefer short models.

    The short black jacket

    The short black jacket is a new line of winter fashion lines and appeals to most non-cheerful girls. This model is very stylish and fits most occasions at university, club, work, even during marketing.
    As shown in the picture, a blue T-shirt can be worn underneath, oil or gray, and you can wear a yellow shoe or a white or blue sneaker. This jacket is closer to the "casual" type.

    Short jacket

    The most important feature of the winter fashion - and still - is that the jacket is short and its colors are many, and the oil of the beautiful colors in this model can be worn on a light or dark jeans, with a shoe color or black or athletic shoes, Black, gray, blue or light brown.

    Lead Jacket

    This jacket is very practical and suitable for many places day and night. You can carry a black or gray bag, and it can be worn on light or dark jeans. This jacket is also suitable for "accessories" Very simple so that its shape is thin.

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