Amazing underground cities !

Amazing underground cities !

    Have you ever known that Montreal has an underground network linking its important buildings together for use by more than half a million people during the winter? The world is full of underground cities today, many of which date back hundreds of years. These great cities are not only inhabited, but are a witness to the history of human architectural achievements for a long time.

    In this article, we review ten amazing range all constructed underground.

    Amazing underground cities!

    Old City of Petra in Jordan

    Approximately 85% of the city of Petra in Jordan, built in the second century AD, is literally located underground, which is a great mystery to many archaeologists and cities. Under the ground, an entire city, including houses, religious altars and a theater, can accommodate 3,000 people in the discovered part, which accounts for 15 percent of the total area, according to scientists.

    Naours city in France

    An underground city built during the second century in France, comprises 300 rooms, 28 galleries, and numerous wells, bakeries, chapels, and horse stables. In the 9th century it was home to Viking, and in the 17th century the city reached its peak with a population of 3,000.

    The city of Nushabad in Iran

    The city of Nushabad was built underground three thousand years ago in Iran, in order to protect people from raids and enemies.

    City of Dirinkoyo in Turkey

    Direnkoyo, Turkey, was found after a man demolished a wall in his home, revealing an entire 18-level underground city that can accommodate up to 20,000 people! The city houses schools, markets, churches and thousands of ventilation holes. Turkey has more than 200 ancient cities under the ground.

    Chinatown in Oregon

    In Pendleton, Oregon, an entire 19th-century neighborhood was discovered when the city's crew tried to repair after digging into the ground. Chinatown was created by the Chinese population in the underground area to protect themselves from drunk cowboys.

    Downtown Seattle, United States

    Downtown Seattle is basically a reconstructed city. The original city lies 20 feet below ground, dating back to the 19th century but abandoned after a massive fire broke out. The remains of the ancient city can be visited to date.

    City of Burlington Bunker in England

    In the 1950s, a huge underground city was built to house thousands of important government officials in the event of a nuclear attack. The city includes a railway line, studios, sewage system, lake, restaurants and hotels. The city remained a secret until it was unearthed in 2004.

    The city is underground in Beijing

    In the early 1970s, an underground city was built to accommodate Beijing's six million people with facilities such as restaurants, schools, farms, warehouses and an ice skating rink. People who are allowed to visit parts of the city describe it as "dark, wet and very scary"!

    City of Ramenki-43 in Russia

    An underground city built in the mid-1980s to provide shelters for 15,000 people if the capital Moscow is threatened with a nuclear attack. The city has a life-sustaining lute for three decades without the need to climb the surface.

    Cooper's hand in Australia

    An underground city in Australia, where residents resort to escape high temperatures in the summer. The city of Coober Pedy is rich with agate, a precious gemstone, where it is estimated that 95% of the world's agate is extracted from the area of ​​Cooper Bidi underground

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