Danny Rowling: Incest Jeansville and Inspirational Movie scream

Danny Rowling: Incest Jeansville and Inspirational Movie scream

    In his humble tent on the edge of the jungle in Gainesville, Danny listened to the music from his recording machine and tried to put words in tune with the melodies. He wrote lyrics and recorded his voice while singing, and when boredom took a few sips of alcohol Before he went to sleep on his worn-out bed ... It's been that way since he quarreled with his stubborn father and drove him out of the house after his father lost his eye and ear during the fight three months ago.

     Danny tried to find work, and found work as a waiter at the Banco restaurant in Shreveport, Louisiana, but he could not keep his work and socializing, forcing him to live in that tent near the jungle surrounding university student housing and stealing enough to make money to eat and Drinking.

    During his sleep, he saw his father cursing him with the ugliest titles, so he jumped out of his bed and sweated from his forehead. He decided to walk around the place, and there he was attracted by the light emanating from one of the university apartments and a glimpse through the window. Two girls changed their clothes in preparation for sleep. And the monster behind the robe of the poet and the sensitive artist, returned to his tent and brought his knife and military tape, and when the lights were extinguished and the silence of the place Danny presented to the door of the glazed glass apartment and was able to dismantle the screws and remove it gently without causing a fuss , Danny was very tense and his heart was beating hard, and When he entered the apartment, the girl Christina Powell, 17, was found sleeping on the couch on the ground floor. He stood looking at the features of her face and before reaching out to her. Remembering that there was another girl, he decided to walk around the apartment to find her, 17, was sleeping on her bed, and he stabbed his knife and stabbed her with a few stabs after her mouth was closed. Then he went down the stairs and went back to Christina, who decided to play his game that night. The poor girl woke up to find his tight grip. She put the knife on her neck and ordered her to submit to him, where he tied her hands to the back and then squeezed Her clothes with a knife and raped her on the couch, and when he had finished them ordered her to cut her head down and then face her five stab wounds fatal in her back, and then he dragged her body to the upper floor and raped the bodies and put them in sexy mode, and left the place after wash bath.

    From left, Christina Powell and Sonja Larsson

    Danny felt self-confident after he committed his first double crime and did not take too long to hit another victim. The next day, on Saturday night August 25, 1990, Danny sneaked into a university apartment after he could snatch the glass door with a knife and screwdriver. After searching around the room, he found no one and decided to wait until the victim returned to the apartment. At 11 pm he opened the door and hid Danny behind the curtain to make sure the population of the apartment, and when she was assured that she was only a single girl turned around to become behind her, the girl felt a huge hand applied to her neck and before she screamed saw another hand waving knife in front of her eyes, And with a husky voice that she obeyed and only touched her neck, the girl felt terrified or not And after he emptied his sexual desire, she bent down and put her face on the bed and then stabbed her back with the knife several times. This time Danny decided to tamper with her body. And put her head on the shelf opposite the bed, the body was cut by the knife from the abdomen to the bottom, and then grabbed her breasts and put them next to the body on the bed and then fled.

    The next day the body was discovered, the scene of the crime and the sight of the shrapnel of the police were revealed. After the investigation, the corpse was discovered by 18-year-old university student Christa Hewitt.
    Christa Hewitt

     The successive murders in university housing caused panic among the students. By autumn, many had decided to cancel their university enrollment and move elsewhere, and many of them had changed their daily habits and routines and were sleeping together to guard each other. . Police have stepped up surveillance patrols around the area and have issued a circular to a number of suspects, most notably a University of Florida student, because of his mental record and face that has become deformed by a car accident.

    Most of the victims of the incest were girls with dark hair and brown eyes. Because of this, the police believed that the thief was watching his victims and choosing them according to those specifications. Despite the anxiety and horror of the students, Tracy Bowles, 23, felt safe. In her apartment with her friend Mani Tapawada, 23, a muscular young man who had vowed to protect her from any attack and decided to sleep on the ground floor to guard her.

    On Monday, August 27, Danny tried to break into their apartment at night. As he tried to take off the glass door, Manny woke up and attacked Danny and wrestled, but Danny was able to stab him with a lethal stab after picking up his knife from the ground.
    Tracy Bowles and her friend Mani Tabawada

    Tracy woke up to the sounds of screaming and fighting down and climbed the stairs carefully and there saw the killer and is preparing for her friend, Tracy felt terrified and tried to return without feeling it, but he saw her and began to chase, Tracy rushed to step up steps floundering until she reached her room and closed On the door itself and tried to put heavy objects behind the door to prevent him from entering and hid in one corner of the room and fear her heart is beating, and only a few minutes so Danny managed to storm the room and grabbed and then bound and raped, and put her body in an exciting situation Sexually, after he had stabbed her several times, and her friend's body had left her

    The Origin of the Assassin

    Danny in a photo with his family

    Danny Harold Rowling was born on May 26, 1954 and grew up in a family of violence and cruelty. His father, James Rowling, was a very strict man who worked as a police officer in Shreveport, Louisiana, and played a major role in breaking Danny's character because of his cruelty and He was constantly insulted and told him several times that he did not like him and was not welcome at home.

     Danny was separated from his peers and watched his mother Claudia and his brother Kevin severely beaten by this ruthless father. On one occasion, his mother was hospitalized after being severely beaten. There, she complained that her husband had forced her to break her wrists With a razor blade, but she returned and withdrew her report against him and returned home because she did not find another place to go she and her children.

     James insulted Danny, who once threw him to the ground and then tied him with cuffs and took him by police car to prison for no reason, just because he felt embarrassed by his being his son. This left a deep impression on Danny's psyche and later made him restrain his victims before being raped and killed, In his youth, Danny acted recklessly and recklessly and was arrested several times for theft crimes in the state of Georgia, in addition to sneaking into a house and teasing him on a woman while changing clothes, and finally his father expelled him from the house after a violent quarrel with him and then lived homeless without Keeps steady work.

    Capture the Ripper

    The police were in the process of identifying the thief who terrified the city and spread panic among university students. On the evening of September 7, 1990, the police foiled an armed robbery at a store in Ocala, Florida. In the interrogation room, To the court on charges of armed robbery, but what was found in the car of the accused drew his attention Detective, the military knife and adhesive tape in addition to the gun paid to contact the police station in Shreveport and inform them of doubts about the accused and told them that he thinks he is the thug they are looking for, Compare the knife blade with the wounds of the surgeon He left it on the bodies of the victims and the scratches that he made at the door during the storm, it was proved that they match with the same knife, and in search of more evidence, the police searched his tent and found some of the purposes belonging to the victims, in addition to audio recordings that he is the killer , And after confronting the evidence, Danny admitted his crimes and that what he paid for those crimes was his ambition to become a famous thief like Ted Bendy.

    Trial of the

    His trial began in November 1991 at the Court of the City of Alchau, Florida, during which the prosecution presented evidence and confessions. The defense attorney tried to prove that Danny suffered from severe personal personality disorder in addition to violent sexual disorders. April 20, 1994 The judge hit the gauntlet on the table after he issued the verdict amid the rejoicing of the victims' relatives, who was happy with the death sentence of Danny Harold Rowling. He was transferred to the Central State Prison to find his place on the death row. Sign Up Number of popular songs.

    Serious confessions

    During Dany's imprisonment, Louisiana investigators were debated about the possibility of Danny committing other crimes he did not recognize. Danny is believed to have killed the Grisom family during their dinner on November 4, 1989, which killed William Grisom, 55, and his daughter Jolie, 24, and his grandson, 8 years old. The same method in terms of murder and representation of the girl's body. When he was confronted with the crime, he denied this and tried to make a final appeal and was rejected. When Danny felt close to his execution, During his meeting with Rev. Mike Hodsbeth, I confess his crimes to him and ask him for forgiveness and to ask Paper in which he wrote his confession of killing Grissom's family.

    Execution of the

    During the trial

    On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, the prison guards presented Danny's last supper, a sea meal containing lobster and shrimp with this sauce and fried potato, as well as a strawberry-flavored cake with a cup of tea as a dessert.

     After he finished his meal, the guards took him to the execution room. There, Danny was confined to the bed in the middle of the room, and the poison was inserted into his arms. The doctor turned on the machine and the poison began to flow through Danny's veins and spread through his body. "Nothing is greater than you, O Lord." Then he looked at the glass window in the room, where the families of the victims sat down and some of the victims of the death scene sat down. Slowly, Danny closed his eyes and the doctor announced his death at 6:13. Today .

    Scream Movie

    Through the biography of the serial killer Danny Rowling, American writer Kevin Williamson wrote his screenplay script Scream, a horror and thriller that was produced on December 20, 1996 and generated huge revenues. A number of parts were later produced and starred by Canadian actress Neve Campbell. Sandy's role has led the girl who lost her mother to murder, then her father travels and leaves her to complete her university education, and there is a homicide for one of the girls of the university and then Sandy becomes a target for the killer who stalks her with his frightening conviction and sharp knife. But she is skeptical about J Aa and begins to wonder about the identity of the killer and win it in the end.

    Characteristics of the similarities between the crimes of the killer Rolling and a film cry and analysis of the personality of the killer:
    When Kevin Williamson wrote a script and plot of the film, Rowling was inspired by the way he attacked his victims with a knife inside their house. This is not usually done by serial killers because breaking into houses may cause them to be exposed due to their events and leaving the evidence, but Rowling was keen to know the number The population in the targeted apartments and the blurring of evidence before his escape, making the police unable to identify because of the lack of fingerprints and evidence.

    The use of the murderer for the hideous gloomy mask in the film may have been inspired by the features of the rookie Rowling, who looks sad and gloomy on the face, and the knife used in the film matches the quality of the knife used by the killer Rowling in his crimes.

     The writer is satisfied with the crimes of murder in the film and avoiding the crimes of rape so as not to turn the film into a pornographic film.

     Sydney embodied in the film the state of panic, confusion and suspicion that prevailed among the people of the city and their suspicion of people who have nothing to do with the crime.

     Like many serial killers, his father's repeated insults and family dislocations have been a strong motivator in shaping Rolling's aggressive personality, sex obsession and controlling his victims by restricting them. The motive for fame is not surprising in a society that glorifies murderers and produces films about their autobiography.

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