7 different tricks to treat muscle cramps and pains

7 different tricks to treat muscle cramps and pains

    If a person has a violent lifestyle or a quiet lifestyle, it is possible for any person to suffer from it. In order to cause anxiety, we now reveal the most prominent and capable tricks.

    Graston Method

    Is one of the most powerful methods of massage, known internationally, depending on the various tools of stainless steel, to treat muscle pain, and is advised to undergo sessions by trained people.

    Tennis Balls

    It is advisable to take advantage of this method, which can resist muscle contraction, sleep on the ground, after putting the tennis balls down areas of pain, where we press our bodies on the balls gently, moving them up and down, to allow massage pain areas in a way that may cause some aches at first, It ensures the speedy recovery of the injured.

    The ball of the wall

    If lying on tennis balls is difficult for some, it is recommended to take advantage of the ball of the wall, which is put on the market for the massage, can be installed easily in the wall of the house, to massage the affected area in the same way as tennis balls.

    Massage Cylinder "Foam Roller"

    These are the most famous means of massage complex muscles contracted, where it works to resist pain by lying on the affected person, and then rolling back using it for a period of not more than 3 minutes, so as not to start to affect the pain areas.

    Cold and warm

    Whether you are using a hot or cold bandage on your sore area, you will feel comfortable in the near future, which alerts you to the ability to shower in hot water in many cases, to treat muscle cramps and remove pain.


    Another trick that allows back massage, in the absence of a friend nearby, where the solar hand can be used to resist muscle pain in the back area, by pressing the pain area gently, so that the pain quickly disappears.

    The usual massage

    It is the most common method for treating muscle cramps and pains, which requires rubbing pain areas with fingers, with circular motion, increasing blood flow, improving muscle function in the body and thus removing pain.

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